Monday, June 25, 2007

Antibiotics Cause Asthma? Just Another Reason to Breastfeed the First Year

All babies get sick from time to time.

If you have an infant you can wisely choose to breastfeed and thus ward off almost an entire year's worth of varying ailments. I breastfed all of our children past the first year, and we never had a sick child younger than 11 months.

But breastfeeding may not be an option for some mothers who have difficulties with their health or are on medications. And as sad as it may be, despite mountains of medical research that proves the vast advantages to breastfeeding, some women just prefer to formula feed.

Either way, if your infant gets sick you may want to consider the latest research that shows a possible link between antibiotics given within the first year of life and the development of asthma.

Our pediatrician knows that we are minimalists when it comes to medicines, and we have rarely had our kids on antibiotics and only when it is absolutely necessary. Many parents believe that a doctor will speak-up and give them all the available options when treating an illness, but often this is not the case. Doctors sometimes do not inform parents that children can recover from many illnesses without the use antibiotics and other medications.

This latest antibiotic study reveals the adverse affects of "pill pushing" on children, and my suspicion is that more discoveries will surely follow. Or, perhaps not! Most medical research in the United States is funded by the drug companies and they most certainly wouldn't want those facts to get out. It should be noted that this antibiotic-asthma link is being widely discussed in Europe, Canada, New Zealand....have we heard much about it in the US? Hmmmm?

If you are pregnant, read more about breastfeeding before deciding to bottle feed. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends that all children be breastfed the first year, and studies show it increases intelligence, reduces the risk of infection, reduces the likelihood of diabetes and obesity, minimizes allergies, helps prevent SIDS, prevents ear-infections, and now, inadvertently, of all it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!


Ricky Marrero said...

I read this, and I couldn't agree more. Bewbies rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm too fucking lazy to make bottles anyway. :)