Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just Another Big Loser? I Guess I Am.

In an attempt to shed those post-pregnancy pounds (yeah, I know 18-months is far beyond the postpartum days) I have decided to try a daily exercise routine facilitated by my personal trainer.

Oops, did I say personal trainer? I meant to say a wide range of arbitrarily chosen fitness DVDs.

Yesterday I received a DVD from Netflix called The Biggest Loser: The Workout. I honestly admit that I have never seen the reality show that this workout is based on, but I had heard of it and the majority of reviews on this DVD were positive.

The DVD has a variety of different routines, and you can combine the elements you like to make your own custom routine. I decided to use a default program (duh).

I found that the exercises were challenging and the trainer was only moderately annoying. But my favorite part of this video by far are the people who are doing the exercises alongside the trainer.

Instead of the typical 2% body fat, California super-trim, exercise models, this video had normal looking people. During the workout, these former cast members occasionally made mistakes that any normal person attempting these exercises might make. One guy could not get in sync with everyone else. If they were all going right, he was going left. Another guy kept getting the stance wrong and despite the trainer trying to move his feet into the right position, he continued with his legs too far apart. Finally the exasperated trainer said "that's a little better" and went on to something else. The women made less mistakes, but near the end of the workout, they both started whining. I'm right there with you girls!

As I watched them struggle I thought to myself "Hey, I'm doing pretty good. Look at that poor guy!".

Why aren't more fitness videos created like this? Do I really need to stare for half an hour at a 24-year-old trainer who's whole life revolves around exercise and nutrition? It doesn't motivate me with a "this could be you" mentality because in reality my husband, four kids, homeschooling, swim meets, soccer practice, dance class, chess club, baseball, girl scouts, housekeeping, grocery shopping, yard work, one dog, one cat, one hamster-life would never allow it!

I will most likely do the second workout on this DVD tonight and I can't wait to see who will screw-up this time. I know I will be there making the same goofy, uncoordinated mistakes that those of us with little dexterity and physical prowess are repeatedly destined to make.

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Anonymous said...

It could be worse. You could be "Sweating to the Oldies'.
:) Miranda