Thursday, June 28, 2007

Peanut Paste Today, Diamonds Tomorrow

An article from BBC News reports that scientists have discovered how to make diamonds out of peanut butter.

Finally, those stuffy science geeks are moving away from all that global warming junk. I thought they would never shut-up about it! It's about time we through out all that new-agey garbage; lets get back to some good old-fashioned alchemy!

Here is my summary:

Scientists at Edinburgh University used a stiletto heel to magically change oxygen into red crystals and peanut butter into diamonds. They hope to change hydrogen into metal (seems that they are working toward some fine diamond and gemstone jewelry). This will help them find the Holy Grail after which they will use it to concoct a supernatural medication that we can take when we visit the surface of the sun.

That's the best I can do to understand it. If you feel like you need to read the original article, here is the link.

**Side note - This article refers to peanut butter as a paste. I was just wondering, would anyone actually buy a product called Peanut Paste?

Tomorrow I will offer the kids a Peanut Paste and Jelly sandwich for lunch.

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