Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Book Lovers Should Try

Walking through our home, the idea might hit you that our family loves books.

Over the years we have worked to build a library of some of our favorite novels, non-fiction books, and reference books. Most of the childrens' books are abused to no end, but I try to make sure that the classics and the kids' sentimental favorites are kept in good condition.

We have collected, and continue to add to, a large library of children's non-ficiton and reference books that we use for homeschooling. This year we will utilize the recently discovered website, This website allows users to catalog all of their books into a personal online library. Each book is tagged by the user and the catalog is searchable. You can also network with others who own the same book and the library can give you info about books that people with similar libraries owned. The interface is easy to use and it is fun to see how many book you own.

The real challenge for me will be locating the book that I am looking for!

Here is a fun little quiz for you. Can you guess where you might find each of these bookcases in our house?

*Hints - The family room, homeschool room, Elora's bedroom, and the Boys' bedroom have one each. Two are from the computer/music room.

** Extra Hint - We encourage three-year-old Jacob to help put books away in his room!


skpatel said...

Neat site - I am going to point my librarian friend to your post.

1. computer room
2. Elora's room
3. homeschool room
4. boy's room
5. family room
6. computer room

(is coming over this past weekend considered cheating?)

take care!

Luckymom said...

Wow, you got them all correct and you have only been here once!

We actually have 3 more small bookcases that I didn't include plus a large bin full of books in the boys' room.

I think my only shopping weakness is buying books!

Thanks for commenting, it's good to know there are readers out there.