Thursday, June 7, 2007

What is this blog? or The Beginning

Welcome-- I am starting this blog in the hopes that I will be able to maintain a sort of journal or diary of thoughts, happenings, observations, questions and perhaps even share lessons learned with others. Many of my posts will relate to parenting and women, for obvious reasons, but considering that my interests are varied, the posts could be about anything.

Somehow the act of publishing thoughts on the web makes me feel like my ideas are more valid. I know that this is surely a psychological trick I am playing on myself, but I think I can accept that and choose not to care!

I hope that if you do read this blog and enjoy the posts, that you choose to comment on them. I strive to be open-minded and never pass-up a chance to learn from others.

I know I will enjoy hanging a few out there, meeting new people and discussing ideas, so without further ado, I pronounce this blog started!


Varney said...

I look forward to hearing about and commenting on your thoughts and ideas....Ever thought of making a Peanut Butter and Sardine Sandwich? Hmmmm....Deep Thoughts by Uncle Var

Anonymous said...

I started a blog once. Never took off. Wish you better luck than I ever had. Peace out. MIranda

Griner said...

Congrats on the blog! I think you'll find that, if nothing else, it's always great to go back and see what you were thinking about X months or years ago. It's like having a diary with a search function. Oh, and it's visible to everyone around the world.

Other than that, just like a diary.